We offer services, products and solutions to provide technical support through the phone, internet and other interactive media channels. 




We are a specialized bilingual Contact Center that provides professional services to any industry in Puerto Rico. We are driven by a passion to transform contact centers into customer engagement centers of excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of the cost and complexity involved in running a contact center.  



As a leading provider of services for IT products, we have expanded towards other Latin American countries. Our partnerships are successfully built to be flexible and dynamic, whether in a short or  long-term contract. 



Over 20 years of work experience in help desk and call center. We offer specialized services for products, such as Microsoft Office 365, including level I and level II technical support. We are recognized as the first Microsoft activation and confirmation center worldwide under the "Syndication Partners" Program.  


Whichever the industry your business belongs to, we offer you cost-effective solutions that consolidate your client relations and boost your sales 


We've got you covered


We have the latest call center technology, 60+ work stations with sound control, ergonomic chairs, and a supervision/monitoring zone; 24/7 security service, as well as redundant services that include internet, telephone and electric services. Our complete infrastructure positions d-smart group as a reliable outsourcing solution to maintain your business continuity. 



Our telephone system includes latest technologies that effectively allows to route calls to the adequate specialist. We also provide recording services to keep registry of all calls held between customers and staff.



We access and manage  all support-service and client contact emails. We prioritize service Ticket, with automatic classification and assignment. Agents have the possibility to collaborate in a particular theme through private notes.



We assist visitors of your webpage, or your support service portal, or even in you mobile applications, whenever help is required. Our chat solution allows you to embed a chat box wherever you wish to hold real-time conversations with your clients.


Self-service Portal

The client has the option to open service tickets, as well as to interact with technicians and access his/her service history. This portal is easily integrated, as it is based on know-how and forums, which provides your clients with a chance to apply for help,  find solutions, or discuss ideas about a product with the community. 



1511 Avenida Ponce de Leon Ciudadela Suite 15, San Juan PR 00909



              Office: 787-725-6115             


Support: info@dsmartgroup.com


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